The Liberated Page: Aura, Need, New Material, and Access

The Liberated Page:
Aura, Need, New Material,
and Access

An essay focusing on how digital reproduction has influenced graphic design, and the benefits and drawbacks of the digitisation of image, presented in a posterzine format.

The essay text can be downloaded here for viewing.

The cover features the Venus de Milo, a famous ancient Greek statue, re-apropriated and repeated using the RGB colour set, to represent the themes referred to in the essay title.

The A2 poster side of the zine presents a sculpture I created in Sculptris, the image exists only in the digital space and through reproductions, which serves to represent some of the points I make within the text.

A sticky-back glossy substrate was mounted to an uncoated 90gsm paper, with both sides being printed with inkjet, so that the sculpture (gloss side) is presented with good depth of colour and detail preservation, and the essay (matte side) is easily readable. Other versions with a 115gsm inkjet coated paper, and a thicker uncoated paper were made. For commercial purposes the best combination would be the glossy sticky-back substrate mounted onto a thin inkjet coated paper.

Strong RGB colours are contrasted to a stone grey throughout the inside pages, representative of the discussion on the contrast between older materials and artwork with new, digital material and methods of production.