Personal Branding Elements

Currently I’m creating a full brand identity system for my freelance design practice, including a colour guide and the business card and design services contract designs below. The designs are meant to be friendly but professional, meaning the work has to be set in design principles such as the base grid, which is brought to the foreground of the work, and the use of simple circles and rounded corners (including in the monogram) to counteract the square-filled designs. Each of the standard documents a client sees from me will have a different coloured chit, making it easier to organise and be up to date with documents.

The monogram has been through many iterations to come to the state it is in now: After the initial versions I revisited the design with the knowledge and skills learnt from my university studies and personal practice – recreating the logo to be a clearer mark when scaled down, and basing it in design principles such as the grid, and use of simple shapes.

The purpose of the face monogram is both to create a friendly and recognisable mark, and to utilise the science behind how humans naturally seek faces in their environment (pareidolia) - hopefully resulting in higher profile engagement on social media platforms, where the mark will be seen most often.

Manchester + Leeds, UK