Subverted Jobcentre Plus Advertising Sample Pack — 2019/20

An employee has taken it upon themselves to subvert a new (and expensive) DWP advertising campaign for Jobcentre Plus, to expose the truth of the messages portrayed in the print materials.

*A project inspired by the mistreatment of vulnerable and disabled people by the DWP, as well as real-life lies in the advertising material of the Deparment for such-and-such.

The front side of the deliverables are examples of the expensive advertising campaign, similar to a newspaper campaign that led the DWP to get sued for untruthful claims.

The designs for the fronts of each deliverable are subtle in their subversion, by simply being a good example of an obnoxious advertising campaign that glosses over the issues people face, and doesn’t represent the people that need the most help from the service by using stock photos of happy and able people.

No care is given to the colour blind or visually impared in the designs, as if the department that authorised the campaign doesn’t consider the needs of the people they are tasked with helping.

The back side of each product is subverts all of the rules for page layout and logo use in the DWP’s brand guideline document, and responsds to the claims on the face of each outcome from the point of view of the subverting employee.

All of the back-side subversive text is based on real events and facts involving the DWP and Jobcentre Plus, including news stories and google reviews.
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