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Gloo Creative Group Project
University Year One // 2019

Collaboration With: Katie Proctor, Amy Tindling, Alice Hardie

The gloo project involved creating a document that would be given to an advertising design agency, containing all the information required to create advertisements that promote eating insects. Research was required into health benefits, the culture surrounding entomophagy in different parts of the world, and the current market leaders.

My role in our team required me to create the logo and branding for our studio, and a layout for our project presentation. The document needed to be a standard design that could be used for future projects of the company, so I also created the brand guideline.

My initial ideas for the brand began with the logo mark. I was focused on the studio being a ‘close-knit’ team, so thought of the name ‘gloo’. The logomark is based on two objects that are joined in a glue-like way and is minimal, to represent a modern and sleek studio.