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Fictional Sigmund Freud Book Covers
University Year One

Made mostly in a quickfire design session using three different mark making methods; charcoal and pencils, acrylic paints, and paper and card, to create material for the cover designs.

The workshop gave us a limited time for mark making with the three methods and use these to design the covers of three fictional Sigmund Freud books; ‘Fundamentals of Humour’, ‘On Motivation’, and ‘Understanding Sadness’.

For the first cover, ‘Funamentals of Humour’ I used a messy section of bright colours painted and rolled onto an acetate sheet to represent humour, and a rigid grid structure to illustrate the “fundamental” nature of the proposed content of the book.

My second cover features an organised set of card scraps to illustrate the procrastination that is present when trying to find motivation, as well as broken text to connote the stop-and-start cycle which motivation can have .

The third cover provides visuals that signifies the emotion of sadness – it prompts you to ask questions on what sadness is, and subsequently buy the book to find out.