Coronapostas — 2020

Coronapostas — 2020

A series of posters based on my thoughts of quarantine and COVID-19 (Coronapostas), with a focus on trying out new tools and techniques to give better opportunities for expressing the creativity behind my designs.

The IKEA-styled poster is a depiction of the difficulty for me to be productive and happy without the work-life separation and stability of both different work and living spaces, and face-to-face guidance from tutors. It shows me moving my furniture around way too many times, as an attempt to create a space I could be productive in.

At the time, lot of artworks were being made about the situation with the virus, which us what inspired me to design my own works to help put into words what I was feeling: Social distancing and quarantine is hard, but we can do it together... now is the time to be closer and help each other. For this, I made a poster with the materials and tools I had at-hand; paper, scissors, and my phone.

The purpose of the next three designs is to comment on the inadequacy of the two-metre social distancing rule, with the context of research that says social distancing is not as effective until an around-eight metre distance is observed.

They criticise the reasoning for the ‘one metre plus’ rule for the purpose of ‘opening up the economy’ — social distance reduction for the price of a pint, as it would end up prolonging lockdown, and as it contrasts to the lateness of the lockdown compared to most other countries.