Coronapostas — 2020

My self initated project from semester two of my second year of university is comprised of a series of posters based on my thoughts around quarantine and COVID-19 (Coronapostas).

One of the main focuses of this project was to try out new tools and techniques, to bring creativity to my designs through different ways of working.

Adobe InDesign is my go-to program to make a poster due to its typesetting tools and the ease of use when using grids. However, for this poster I used a more appropriate program for the illustrative style of the piece; this was the first poster I have made entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

The poster is a depiction of the difficulty for me to be both productive and happy without a separate work and living space, and the stability of having a studio to work in as well as face-to-face guidance from tutors.

This is shown with a comedic depiction of me moving my furniture around too many times to try and create a space I could be productive in. The poster also subverts the IKEA branding and style to illustrate the contrast between their simple, clean, and easy to build/use furniture, and my struggles moving it around.

A lot of posters and artworks were being made about the situation around the virus when I created this series. It is this what inspired me to design works of my own to help put into words what I was feeling: ‘Social distancing and quarantine is hard, but we can do it together - now is the time to be closer, not drift apart’.

This design started as a paper chain cut out, to which I used stop motion photography to realise my idea within a frame animation in Adobe Photoshop.

The typography was also placed within Photoshop, which is the first time I have done this. The tools are clunky compared to InDesign, however, the program allows you to be more free with the layout within your grid.

The purpose of this duo of designs is to comment on the inadequacy of the two metre social distancing rule in the context of research that says social distancing is not as effective until an eight metre distance is observed.

This is represented with the metaphoric designs taking ques from bargain sale posters and premium product posters.

Elements of the cheap social distance poster are separated by a grid with a small distance compared to the size of the type used, whereas the premium poster employs smaller design elements, and a typeface which takes up less space.

The premium poster uses an “exponential” grid layout for its columns, which is different to the standard grid designs I use generally. This allows for a more balanced design with smaller elements at the left (where people are more likely to look at them in detail due to the golden triangle), and increasingly larger elements on towards the right.

During the creation of this poster series I learnt how to apply an ink bleed effect as well as different texture layering techniques to my work, resulting in realistic looking mock ups for use with my social meida accounts and portfolio purposes.

Conecptually, this poster is a critique of the early opening of pubs after what I see as a failing of quarantine measures and a late lockdown compared to most countries.

The beer mat designs featured in the layout illustrate the spread of the virus in a pub setting with the “one metre plus” rule - social distance reduction form the price of a pint.

The critical study, submitted as part of the assessment criteria for this project can be read here (pg. 43).

It has more detailed information and pictures of the processes involved with the work, as well as more explanation on the projects themes, and a written essay in response to the brief.

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